Monday, December 21, 2009

Spambots: the ultimate indicator of incompetence

For those who have no idea what spam-bots are all about, here is some quick info about them. But basically, it's an automated program that looks for any page it can comment on and throws in a link to it's originating site. The point is to get better Google page ranking or just flat out spam advertising for any site traffic.

It's the most idiotic type of spam.

And it's cluttering up the internet with garbage.

Recently this blog got hit by a bot (which means that the blog is on the rise and becoming more noticeable). Look at the first comment here and you'll see a vague response. Usually these types of responses are also filled with grammatical and spelling errors. Most publishing platforms (like word-press and even blogger) have filters that automatically take out the links or delete the comments outright.

But, some people still insist they have their uses. The only use I've ever seen for automated responses is as an indicator of incompetence. Any blog that publishes auto-response messages are either too stupid to see the exploit for what it is or too desperate for comments to care.

But the internet is being clogged with these stupid comments and messages with the sole purpose of generating quick and free advertising. If you want solid credibility, stay the hell away from spambots and auto-response scripts. Why? Because anyone who has a clue about blogging, publishing or the net can recognise them for what they are.

And the next thought your readers will have will be about your credibility.

Is this what you want them to be thinking about while reading your material?

Once again, I'm the exception to this rule because I've only allowed the publication of one to use as an example for this post. I'm well aware of the irony here.


  1. Hi Thomas

    You won't believe the types of spambots out there; there are even spambots that take your whole website, dont even care that your logo is still on it and paste it to their website.

    Here is what google has to say about spam: "Basically, Google's position is that we prefer no hidden links, no hidden text, no automatic tools used for positioning, and no cloaking. We prefer that Googlebot (their software which finds your website) get the exact same page that users see. In general, you can assume that we're as conservative as possible. We don't like hidden links/text in divs/layers/iframes/css, or links that are inconspicuous or punctuation, for example. Similarly, we don't like cloaking or sneaky redirects in any form, whether it be user agent/ip-based, or redirects through javascript, meta refreshes, 302's, or 100% frames." Google also states that "We will not comment on the individual reasons a page was removed and we do not offer an exhaustive list of practises that can cause removal. However, certain actions such as cloaking, writing text that can be seen by search engines but not by users, or setting up pages/links with the sole purpose of fooling search engines may result in permanent removal from our index."

    Protecting your identity, and providing unique content, will make you a winner any day; it provides your profile with integrity and valued good quality links, particularly for SEO.

    So People who are afraid from spam will now you ask; How do i protect myself from potential spammers? Ive got a few suggestions:

    1. Check whether there are actually any duplicates of your website-

    2. If there is directly contact the website owner or administrator. Most probably they wont know what theyve done wrong and remove it. If not contact search engines.

    All The Web (now owned by Yahoo!): Form

    3. As a last result take legal action

    I would also recommend that if you want to protect yourself for legal reasons or enforce someone to pull down spam content from their website, you should get your content copyrighted. It shouldn't be to expensive and it will help defend you, considering the lack of internet authority and law which currently exists globally.

    Hope this helps


  2. We get them on our site in all shapes and sizes and they constantly steal our content and just post it word for word on their opwn sites to try and increase traffic through having good content. Nobody in their right mind would use these sorts of things but I guess they are working and making money for some people or they wouldn't be doing iot other wise. I guess they need to send millions of them for it to work