Monday, January 25, 2010

Fatigue and guest posting

I've been working too much lately. Seven days a week, five within an intensive retail environment. This is why I haven't posted anything for the last week. It's difficult to construct something worthwhile when fatigue has built up.

Fatigue I can handle, especially as I'm an insomniac. Fatigue is my modus-operandi. That and using outdated Latin phrases or wanky French words, which I just cannot resist. I love the French language and cannot wait to learn it fully, but first I must learn Mandarin for my upcoming journey to China.

But it's the stress of the position that prevents me from writing effectively. For example, if you look at the previous paragraph, you'll see how it's half finished because I went off on a tangent. Now, I love tangents, I'm always exploring them in my mind and when I'm stressed, I'm more likely to get sidetracked.

Now, even though my friends have found my randomness to be witty and humorous, it doesn't translate at all to writing. When I'm on one of my tangent fuelled rants, people have a lot of trouble following my logic or even what I'm saying. So there is a lesson to learn about writing. Keep it focused and on point, otherwise you'll lose your audience. Writing requires energy of a different kind to physical energy. You can still be exhausted after a long day's work and still write. But if you're distracted or stress, forget about it.

Despite not having the energy to post on my own blog, I have been posting regularly on other peoples Blogs as a guest poster. I'm going to start a new section tag for all the guest posts I've done (mainly to keep track of it for my own benefit), but here's a link to my first article which has been featured on the Idea Lady's website.

It's not my best work, I'll readily admit, but it's still my words being featured on other websites. And this is all part of social networking and getting your own brand name out into the ether.

Today, I'm entering my 17th consecutive working day without a break. I wonder how many more I can go?!

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  1. Dude, take a day off! Off coles, I mean, not off Lead Creation. Though now I've technically left Lead Creation, i can advise you to take random days off if I want :) (just make sure you update the roster accordingly!)

    Gosh you're mental, working 7 days a week! What day do you do your laundry and ironing and spend quality time with loved ones?

    AND i just realised 2 things:

    1. you have Larry Brauner following your blog? OMG.
    2. your blog looks the same as my blog but blue instead of pink!

    Also, when are you going to China? i would offer you lessons in speaking chinese, but i can't actually speak chinese myself :(

    You can guest blog for me one day, if you like!

  2. Hey Kitty-Kat! I'd love to guest blog for you. I do my washing during work days, before or after work, I don't iron and I have no loved ones to spend time with.

    I know it sounds bad, but my only family is my mum and she lives in Dubbo so I don't see her very often.

    So work keeps me busy and active. I'm taking a day off from Coles tomorrow to do some work for Lead Creation and get my car serviced!